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The Portlight

"Proceed and Succeed" (2004-05)

Banning High School Portlight
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To the New Portlight Staff:

The blog is unofficially dead, but if the current editors and staff can use it however they wish. I have no objections to anything. If anybody has questions, they can always email me at richly_nc@berkeley or kuramei@mac.com. I fulfilled my duties last year, now it's time for the next generation of Portlight Staffers to do the job. You'll need all the help you can get.

RNC (10-2-04)

To Visitors:

Thanks for the visiting the BHS Portlight LJ. As you could tell, we're a high school publication. If you're from one as well, drop us a line at:

The Portlight
1527 Lakme Ave.
Wilmington, CA 90744
310-549-7500 Ext. 104

Thanks, and we hope to talk to you!